As we celebrate the beginning of another baseball season and the endless possibilities that come with it, the start of this season also reminds us of all the possibilities that we have lost. Our fields, dugouts, stands, and homes are emptier, quieter, and lonelier than they were a year ago.

As of this writing (May 3, 2021), one of the more than 573,000 Americans who have lost their lives due to the pandemic was Jeffery Lynn Fox, trusted friend, ballplayer, Secret Service agent, CIA and DoD investigator, umpire, and protector of family, a president, and passengers. Jeff died on March…

“O, let America be America again-The land that never has been yet…From those who live like leeches on the people’s lives, We must take back our land again, America! … And make America again!” Those were the words that social critic Langston Hughes penned during the Great Depression, another era of rapid economic and social upheaval in America. Sadly, in many ways they describe America today.

America is off on the wrong track and we have been there for most of this century. Trust in many of our institutions are at historic lows. A majority of the country believes that…

Jeff Horwitt

@jeffhorwitt is a Democratic pollster at Hart Research Associates. The views expressed here are his own.

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